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Campaign for Lyme’s Pinnacle Begins

UVLT’s campaign to protect the views and trails at Lyme’s Pinnacle is underway! For generations, Lyme residents have loved Pinnacle, a hiking destination with spectacular views and a landmark seen from many parts of town. After receiving our townwide mailing about the initiative, Lyme’s Judy Barker posted this response on the Town listserve. “It is […]

Belonging to Nature

UVLT has dedicated and renamed its property at Rix Ledges for Nicole Sage Cormen, a passionate naturalist and civic leader in Lebanon for more than 20 years until her death August 19, 2015 from endometrial cancer. -By Jeanie McIntyre   When UVLT’s Trustees voted unanimously to dedicate the Nicole S. Cormen Memorial Nature Preserve, they […]

Land Management at Up on the Hill

Things are happening at Up on the Hill! UVLT’s newest conservation area will be experiencing a period of forest management and logging for the next 6-8 weeks. Logging began September 4th in the central section of the 1100 acre property. Trails in this area of the property are closed to use until the logging is […]

Chestnut Hunt Challenge

You just don’t see American Chestnut trees anymore. The once common tree is now all but completely absent from our eastern forests. For centuries they were an essential part of the forest ecosystem and the economy. The trees grew rapidly and tall – up to 100 ft. Their late flowering season makes their fruit hardy […]