It’s Turtle Time!

June is the time of year in the Upper Valley when female turtles begin to move from the water looking for sunny and sandy spots to dig a hole, lay their eggs, and then return to their water source. This journey often takes them through a dangerous, life-risking gambit – crossing the road. You have […]

Rare Breed Coming to Brookmead Conservation Area

John Hammond remembers the advice he received from his uncle: “If you are going to be a livestock farmer,” he said, “pick a breed that can use a little help. If you go with the popular breeds, you’ll just be another number, but if you work with a rare breed, you can really make a […]

Meet UVLT’s 2021 Summer Interns

Each summer UVLT works with student interns on projects that are of interest to them and beneficial to UVLT. This year we have two fantastic interns starting with us this month and working with us throughout the summer. Karina Ricker – Patchen Miller Intern The Patchen Miller Internship at UVLT embraces the science, stewardship and […]