Protecting the Woody Adams Conservation Forest and the Norwich Town Forest on Gile Ridge

Between the Norwich Town Forest and the Gile Mountain Fire Tower is 186 acres of high elevation forest that harbors important wildlife habitat, flood resilience potential, and climate change mitigation features. The Blue Ribbon Trail from Beaver Meadow Road to the fire tower runs through this property. This land was listed for sale in 2019, […]

Miner Grant Easement Grows to 300 Acres

Graham Colditz and Pat Cox are fascinated by the history of their land in Canaan. They live and work in St. Louis, Missouri, but since the 1980s they’ve spent summer and holiday periods at their South Road property in Canaan. A 124 acre portion of their property was tracked back to the original grant from […]

Winter Trail Enthusiasts Organize to Groom at Brookmead!

Earlier this winter, UVLT was contacted by a Norwich resident who enjoys Nordic skiing and teaches youth skiers. Her question was: “Could the popular trails at UVLT’s Brookmead Conservation Area be groomed for use by skiers?” In the ensuing weeks, UVLT has been working with Brie Swenson, of Norwich’s Recreation Department, to figure out how […]