Meadow Management at Lyme Hill Conservation Area

Lyme Hill Conservation Area is 238 acres of mostly forested, hilly landscape on Route 10 right outside of the village of Lyme. The conservation area is owned by the Upper Valley Land Trust and has been managed for a mix of recreation and wildlife habitat over the years. Outside of the forest and trails, there […]

Earthworms: The Invasive Species You Didn’t Know About

On March 22nd and April 17th UVLT began a series of events called “Lunch & Learn” where we present a topic in ecology and then follow up with a boots-on-the-ground field trip. This blog post is an excerpt from Vice President of Stewardship and Strategic Initiatives John Roe’s presentation and field trip on Forest Ecology […]

Rocky Hill Farm Meadows – Conserved!

UVLT is pleased to announce the permanent conservation of Rocky Hill Farm Meadows! Located along Meadow Lane, this land consists of 40 acres of gently sloping scenic fields adjacent to Bedell Bridge State Park in Haverhill, NH.32 acres is prime agricultural soil where owners Dale and Jacqueline Lewis used to grow corn for their dairy […]

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