A Successful Year at Brookmead’s Food Pantry Garden

In early months of 2019 UVLT had a vision. We knew we wanted to use our conservation areas to serve the whole community. Our mission has long been to bring people together to conserve land that makes our communities more resilient, healthy and sustainable for all. We wanted to show that land conservation is for […]

How to Build a Pollinator Garden

As summer turns to fall and the days and nights cool down we start to turn our thoughts to the impending winter months. Of course from there we think about all the things we need to get done outside before the snow flies. One of the things on UVLT’s list was to complete the pollinator […]

Hands On at Lyme Pinnacle

Since UVLT conserved the 200+ acres of land around Lyme Pinnacle early this year many volunteers have been hard at work! The most noticeable improvement is the brand new parking lot off of Highbridge Road that was built by Wayne Pike, who donated his time for this project. The new parking lot easily fits twelve […]