Voices of the Land

Twenty five years ago, UVLT offered a program called Voices of the Land – a series of talks during the winter months done by local authors about their writing. Each author’s writing had a connection to the land. In 2019, Programs Director Alison Marchione took this idea and ran with it. With a mix of […]

Tunis District Conservation Area Complete

If you’ve ever enjoyed a sunset across Goose Pond or a boat ride on its waters, then chances are you’ve taken in the beauty of the unfragmented hillside that lies between the pond and Moose Mountain. Similarly, if you’ve hiked to the south peak on Moose Mountain, you’ve enjoyed the views in the opposite direction […]

Risley Farmhouse – Continuing a Legacy of Land Conservation

The Risley family has a history of conservation work in the Upper Valley. In 1984, William and Virginia Risley donated 939 acres of timberland to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests which included frontage on the north, west, and south portions of Grafton Pond in Grafton, NH. In 2003, they donated a […]