Belonging to Nature

UVLT has dedicated and renamed its property at Rix Ledges for Nicole Sage Cormen, a passionate naturalist and civic leader in Lebanon for more than 20 years until her death August 19, 2015 from endometrial cancer. -By Jeanie McIntyre   When UVLT’s Trustees voted unanimously to dedicate the Nicole S. Cormen Memorial Nature Preserve, they […]

Crows Give Gift of Land in Hanover

Along the edge of Pressey Brook, in eastern Hanover, there’s thin ice on these cold mornings. The stream winds through a huge, shrubby wetland, where beavers are preparing for winter. The summer birds are long gone, and in a few months there will be otter slides and animal tracks to follow in the snow. In […]

A Conservation Solution for Beaver Pond Farm

UPDATE: In the past month the Newport community has responded to our fundraising call for Beaver Pond Farm with amazing force! With the help of the community we have raised $7,800 dollars for this project with the help of 87 individual donors! We are just 13 donors shy of reaching the 100 donors needed to get […]

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