Lemax Barn Fundraising & Restoration Complete!

The Lemax Farm is one of the last active dairy operations in Hartland, Vermont. The farm’s large, yellow barns appear suddenly as you drive south on Route 5 where the Ottauquechee meets the Connecticut River. The barns serve as a welcome into North Hartland, and as a reminder of our agricultural past and present. In […]

The Winter Solstice Hikes

Today is the winter solstice. It’s the shortest day, it’s the longest night. At the winter solstice each year we are reminded that there is light in the darkness, that warmth and longer days are ahead of us, and that we can hope for new life, rebirth, and growth come spring.  The promise of the […]

Old Town Farm Conserved in Pomfret

High in the hills of Pomfret, Vermont, just off Wild Apple Road, are 112 acres of undeveloped land with an important role in the town’s history. This land was the “Town Farm,” also referred to as the “Poor Farm” and several cellar holes and a small field remain as evidence that it was once here. […]