Wild About Lebanon Fall Hiking Guide

Introducing our Wild About Lebanon fall hiking guide. Since the pandemic began, the importance of getting outside for our physical and mental health has become more apparent. With travel restricted and everyone at home, finding places that are close to where you live can be even more attractive. These are the five hikes that UVLT […]

The Mystery in Smith Pond

“Just off Baker Point in about 10 feet of water and 40 feet from the shore is where THIS thing is,” Dan Pontbriand said as he extended his arms toward a wooden model on a table. “Whether we’re going to call it a boat or not, I’m hoping you can help me fill in the […]

This Place is Personal

Almost every summer UVLT hosts one or more interns in our office and in the field. They have worked on a range of projects – learning to monitor conservation easements, creating maps, developing natural resource inventories, measuring trail usage, or working in our garden – UVLT interns are a big part of our field season. […]