Mission Monarch at Up on the Hill Conservation Area

At the end of a long dirt road the trees open up to revel an open field with a barn and a small parking pull off next to a kiosk. This is Up on the Hill Conservation Area in Charlestown, NH and today we were here to look for monarchs. Folks were arriving in dribs […]

Creating the Tunis District Conservation Area

East of Moose Mountain, in Hanover, lies an extraordinarily rich complex of land resources including an important watershed that feeds the Mascoma River and the edge of an unfragmented forest block that extends into Lyme and Canaan to encompass 25,000 acres. When you look out across Goose Pond toward Moose Mountain you can see a […]

Brookmead Food Pantry Garden and the Community Impact of Land Conservation

When UVLT decided that it was going to own land outright we did so for many reasons – there are the obvious ones: trails and recreation, sustainable forestry, and protecting and managing large blocks of habitat. There are also less obvious reasons that are still vitally important: being able to run dynamic programming, making sure […]