Crows Give Gift of Land in Hanover

Along the edge of Pressey Brook, in eastern Hanover, there’s thin ice on these cold mornings. The stream winds through a huge, shrubby wetland, where beavers are preparing for winter. The summer birds are long gone, and in a few months there will be otter slides and animal tracks to follow in the snow. In […]

A Conservation Solution for Beaver Pond Farm

UPDATE: In the past month the Newport community has responded to our fundraising call for Beaver Pond Farm with amazing force! With the help of the community we have raised $7,800 dollars for this project with the help of 87 individual donors! We are just 13 donors shy of reaching the 100 donors needed to get […]

UVLT’s Brookmead Conservation Area Provides Firewood Assistance

UVLT staff and volunteers have been sawing and splitting downed trees from the Brookmead Conservation Area forest into firewood. The trees had been taken down from near the trail and the cabin area earlier in the summer to reduce the risk of damage to the cabin by blow downs. UVLT Stewardship Director Jason Berard explained […]

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