Keeping the Trust in Land Trust Work: Questions and Answers about Vermont S.119

by Jeanie McIntyre Over the past several weeks there has been quite a bit of discussion about the permanence of conservation easement deeds in Vermont. Legislation (S.119) under consideration by the Vermont House Judiciary Committee would establish standards and a process by which most conservation easement deeds could be altered. VT Digger, an online news […]

Farmshares: A Sign that Spring is Coming!

By Jeanie McIntyre All winter I have been treasuring the flavors of “my” local farm. A couple of bundles of carrots, a few turnips and two heads of garlic are all that remains of my 2013 Cedar Circle Farm CSA share.  Last fall, when harvest bounty filled our totebags with kale, arugula and red onions, I […]

Counting Farms: Growing Small in NH and VT

  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farms in New Hampshire and Vermont are on the increase – an increase in numbers that is. While both states report a growing number of farms, the average amount of land used by a farm in New Hampshire and Vermont is shrinking.  What is a farm? For […]