UVLT’s Photo Display Moves to the Lebanon Co-op Food Store

Upper Valley Land Trust Trustee, Anne Peyton and I just finished hanging the photo display in the Lebanon Co-op Cafe Gallery this morning. We hope you’ll stop by sometime during the next month to view it.

Please join us at 5:30pm on Friday, March 11th for a reception at the Co-op’s Cafe Gallery! We’ll celebrate the photo display and the land conservation work it depicts with refreshments and friends. Hope to see you there!

One of the descriptions from the photo display seemed particularly fitting for today’s weather:

Sleepers Meadow, Newbury, VT

“Those who can’t stand the sight of March simply go away and return when the grass is green. But there are those strange Vermonters who, as the years go by, develop an affection for this cussed month.

“Louise Dickinson once wrote that her grandmother said she must wash the dishes till she enjoyed doing them. And that is so with March. We endure the month till we learn to love it. We stand outside and sniff the air like hounds, ignoring the ugly nakedness of the old earth-body sticking out of its ragged snow blanket and the torn plastic windows flapping in a biting wind, and we say, ‘Isn’t it lovely – it smells like Spring.’”

~ Isabel Whitney