You Can Help!

Gifts from individuals and area businesses – your friends and neighbors — provide the lion’s share of UVLT’s annual budget.  Land conservation is for everyone. UVLT’s supporters include landowners and apartment dwellers; people who own hundreds of acres and those who live on small lots; people who have lived in the Upper Valley all their lives, those who have just arrived, and those who visit occasionally. There’s no gift too small to make a difference – so get involved!

Donate Now

It’s easy and quick to donate online or mail a check (download a mail-in Gift Form here). Or simply call Lorie Hood at (603) 643-6626 to make a gift by phone or arrange an automatic recurring gift.

Give from your IRA

If you currently receive distributions from your IRA, you may reduce your taxable income by directing some or all of the distribution to charity. It’s a tax-wise way to make a gift. Learn more.

If you are age 70 ½ or older, you are uniquely eligible to donate to UVLT directly from your IRA and reduce your future tax burden in the process. A gift directly from your IRA can count toward your required minimum contribution (RMD) and amounts up to $100,000 will not be treated as taxable income.* The gift must be completed by December 31 of the tax year.

Use FreeWill to make a gift directly from your IRA.

*Though the RMD has been waived in 2020, IRA gifts are still a smart way to support UVLT, and are tax-free regardless of whether or not you itemize on your returns.

Give from Your Brokerage Account

When you donate stock that has gained in value, you can receive a tax deduction for the full value of the gift, avoid capital gains taxes, and support UVLT at a lower cost to you than if you made a cash gift.

Use Freewill to give from your brokerage account. 

Create Your Legacy

You can give permanent voice to your land conservation values by naming UVLT as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, life insurance or retirement accounts. UVLT supporters who have made planned gifts have had an extraordinary impact on our work. These gifts fund our endowment, ensuring our continued long term success by supporting strong, innovative programming and providing stability. 

One of the easiest ways to make a significant and lasting gift to UVLT is to include a bequest in your will. Your gift can be expressed as a precise dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate. UVLT can assist you by providing suggested language for your bequest. Please contact us for details.

If you’ve not yet created a will, you can get started at no cost today. We have partnered with FreeWill to make the process easier than ever: you can plan your gift in under 20 minutes, and complete the process with a free legal will, or consult with your advisor.

Get started with FreeWill today.

A life insurance policy you no longer need for your family’s security can make an excellent charitable gift. You may simply name UVLT as beneficiary of the policy, or name UVLT as the owner of a fully- or partially-paid policy and receive additional tax benefits. 


Passing on retirement assets to heirs can carry hefty estate and income taxes. By designating UVLT as a beneficiary to receive all or a percentage of a qualified retirement account, or giving UVLT a retirement account through a bequest in a will, you can accomplish both philanthropic and estate planning goals.

Donate Real Estate

Through a gift of real estate, now or through your estate planning documents, you can make a significant contribution to UVLT’s land conservation and stewardship mission. UVLT accepts donations of land with conservation value as well as homes, smaller lots and other real property that may be sold to fund our conservation and stewardship work. To learn more about donating real estate to UVLT, contact Jeanie McIntyre at (603) 643-6626.

Donate Now and Earn Income for Life

A life income gift allows you to gift assets including cash, securities or real estate in exchange for a stream of income, with the remainder of the funds supporting the Conservancy. Examples of life income gifts are charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds and charitable remainder trusts.

A Charitable Gift Annuity offers tax benefits, the opportunity to increase income, and the security of a constant payment stream. In exchange for your gift of principal, UVLT will make fixed payments to you for your lifetime and, if you choose, the lifetime of a surviving spouse or other second person. UVLT suggests that gift annuities be funded with a minimum of $10,000.

Typically funded with cash or securities, a Charitable Remainder Trust pays lifetime income to you and/or to other beneficiaries, with the trust principal eventually coming to UVLT. This gift is attractive because it offers substantial tax benefits and the opportunity to increase income.

Make a Gift Through Your Business

Join business leaders who are investing in the quality of life here in the Upper Valley by conserving the rural landscapes and the “sense of place” that make the Upper Valley unique and special. Become a supporter, sponsor UVLT activities and events, adopt a trail, or match employee gifts. Your employees and customers will thank you! Read more about giving through your business here:

Other Ways to Support UVLT

Observe a birthday, wedding, anniversary, celebrate a life transition, or honor a special person. To make an honorary gift, just enclose a note with your gift explaining who you wish to honor, the occasion (if applicable), and the name and address of the individual to be notified of your gift.

Host a party for UVLT or lead a hike at one of your favorite UVLT-conserved places.

Honor the memory of a friend or loved one who appreciated the natural beauty of the Upper Valley region.


What’s in a Name?

This is why we named our legacy society the Swan Bedrock Society. 

– Bedrock is the hard, solid rock beneath surface materials such as soil and gravel. Engineers rely on secure attachments to bedrock to build safe, stable buildings, bridges, and wells.

– Bedrock geology is closely tied to biodiversity and resilience. The physical and chemical properties of soil are influenced by the nature of underlying rock; soil characteristics influence the distribution of habitats and species. Bedrock supports life. 

– Bedrock is the fundamental principle on which something is based. Bedrock is foundational. 

Swan Bedrock Society

Jim & Joan Ashley

Charles & Lynn Bohi

Roald & Lois E. Cann

Lisa Cashdan & Peter Stein

Robert W. Christy

Ray & Tina Clark

Patricia Ayres Crawford

James & Deborah Crowell

Marilyse de Boissezon

Blynn Garnett

John & Pam Gerstmayr

Kurt Gotthardt

Marion Weathers Grassi

Justin Gullotta

Marion McCollom Hampton

 Bob & Christie Hedges

June Hemberger

Bill & Sylvia Hill

Carol Langstaff

Carola Lea

Doug & Jean Loudon

Peter Martin & Lynn Freeman

J. Michael McGean

Jeanie McIntyre

Christopher Milanesi

E.J. Moorhead

Chris & Nancy Nesbitt

Anne Peyton

David & Sarah Drew Reeves

Patricia Richardson

Lorrin Riggs

Rick & Linda Roesch

Elisabeth Russell

Rika & Carl W. Schmidt

Don & Irmi Snowden

Elizabeth & Edmund Speer

David & Anne Stephens

Edward & Virginia Taylor

Bob Wetzel

Genevieve Williamson

Doug & Joanne Wise

Anonymous (15)

Italics indicate gifts complete.