Leavitt Hill Wetlands Dedication Ceremony

Due to the extensive rain this past week, the group hike is cancelled and the dedication ceremony will be at 10:00A.M. in Grantham Town Hall’s Lower Level Meeting Room.


In the fall of 2011, UVLT, backed with funding from the Town of Grantham and its Conservation Commission, negotiated the purchase of 90 acres of land in a still-wild part of the area.  The property, now a UVLT owned natural area, adjoins conserved parcels that total more than 1,280 acres.  Together these parcels contain abundant wetland resources and provide a wildlife corridor for roaming mammal species, including moose.   Significant moose sign can be seen on the Leavitt Hill Wetland parcel, primarily surrounding a 12-acre wetland and a spruce-fir forested seepage area.

UVLT and the Grantham Conservation Commission are pleased to share with you the October 6th dedication to honor a local outdoorsman.  We hope to see you there!

Leavitt Hill Wetland Dedication Ceremony