2015 Patchen Miller Internship Application Guidelines

The Patchen Miller Internship at UVLT embraces the science, stewardship and sense of community involved in conserving land and encourages opportunities for people to enjoy, explore and learn from conserved properties. A Patchen Miller intern has leeway to develop a unique program of work while gaining experience with a nonprofit organization. Each applicant is asked to submit a proposal for consideration by UVLT that serves the applicant’s individual interests and learning objectives, furthers UVLT’s mission and strategic objectives, and draws on collaboration with teachers, naturalists and/or other professional mentors. A modest stipend of $1200-$1500 will be awarded. Internship length is variable but should generally incorporate the equivalent of 160-200 hours of work.

The 2015 internship will be oriented toward stewardship and/or environmental education. An intern need not have significant expertise in the work area proposed, but the work plan should be well thought out, with a timeline and measurable goals. The products of the internship can be written, verbal and experiential. Possible internship content includes:

  • Create a “naturalist diary” featuring one or more conserved property and incorporating game cameras or webcams.
  • Use video and storytelling to document UVLT’s development of accessible trails at Lyme Hill in partnership with the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Lead outdoor games or educational programs for youth on UVLT conserved property.
  • Develop interpretive information/”curricula” for several of the properties UVLT owns.
  • Organize a trail management or stewardship activity specifically oriented to young adults.
  • Interview landowners and volunteers to produce short videos suitable for UVLT’s website.
  • Conduct field visits to monitor trail and campsite conditions and inspect conservation easements and lands that UVLT owns

Your application should include your resume and a brief letter outlining your interests and proposed focus of work.  If you are selected,  UVLT staff will work with you to refine your proposal to meet both your objectives and UVLT’s interests.

Applications are due by Friday March 27th for the upcoming summer of 2015. Submit your letter of application to: Patchen Miller Internship, Upper Valley Land Trust, 19 Buck Road, Hanover, NH 03755 or email it to Lorie Hood.