Host Don’t Post During Hunting Season


‘Tis the season when hikers, runners, woods enthusiasts, and farmers share the woods with those hunting white-tailed deer. It’s been archery season for several weeks; muzzleloaders and rifles will now follow, with regular deer season opened in New Hampshire as of 11/9, and 11/12 in  Vermont

In New Hampshire and Vermont, deer hunting is a ritual shared by a declining population of hunters. Yet, this activity is really the only way to control the population of a species that can have devastating impacts on forest health. When too many deer inhabit a forested landscape, they eat young saplings, preventing regeneration and creating openings for invasive species like buckthorn and honeysuckle to replace hardwoods and wildflowers. So, as hunting season begins this year, consider that hunters have a vital role to play in forest stewardship. If your woods are showing signs of deer browse, welcoming hunters may be the best thing to do. For more information about deer impacts, click here.

During this annual “harvest,” wear blaze orange if you are out in the woods and fields, and please keep your dog leashed when on UVLT trails. It is safer for your pet and it’s considerate to hunters whose skill may keep the woods healthier for all of us to enjoy.