Firewood Assistance in NH


Over the River and to the Woods

Bringing Firewood Assistance to New Hampshire


For several years, UVLT has been delighted to partner with the Norwich Woodshed’s Wood Fuel Assistance Program, harvesting trees on various Vermont properties to assist Norwich residents as well as residents of other Upper Valley communities by providing firewood to be used for heating their homes during the winter months. 

Last month, UVLT took steps to duplicate the Woodshed’s program and bring similar firewood assistance opportunities to NH. Due to strict exterior firewood quarantine guidelines in the state, the UVLT team headed to Up on the Hill in Charlestown, NH, to begin harvesting trees for the new program, hoping to officially launch and deliver to recipients in Fall 2023 (once harvested wood has dried sufficiently).

With great thanks and appreciation to a dozen volunteers from Hypertherm, 6 cords of wood were split and stacked, and will remain onsite in a wood shed until next year. The goal is to have another 6 completed before winter sets in. 

While logistics remain to be finalized on the recipient identification process, UVLT already knows 

It will depend on volunteers to assist with delivery. Interested in getting involved? Interested in volunteering? Learn more here and/or contact Cassie today!

Did you Know?
  • A cord is a measure of volume. A cord of wood includes 128 cubic feet (4′ x 4′ x 8’)
  • Different tree species have different heat values ( BTUs)
  • Out of common eastern firewood tree species, the highest BTU value firewood is hophornbeam (ironwood- 26.8 million BTUs per cord ), and the lowest is Red Maple (18.1 million BTUs per cord)
  • A gallon of heating oil has 138,000 BTUs
  • An average cord of wood might contain around 22 million BTUs per cord, and is equivalent to about 159 gallons of heating oil!
Wood Heating Safety:

A few helpful resources for those heating with wood: