The Stories That Connect Us

When friends and supporters of UVLT gather at Poverty Lane Orchard for our annual celebration on May 31, we will be joined by Rebecca Rule, a writer and storyteller who hosts Our Hometown on New Hampshire PBS. Rebecca has been telling stories in New England, especially NH, for more than thirty years. We invited Rebecca because of the central role that stories play in creating and sustaining our sense of place and community. As a Native friend of UVLT shared this spring: “Stories are what holds everything together.”

Rebecca’s participation in our celebration is supported by a grant from New Hampshire Humanities, where she has developed “That Reminds Me of a Story” which is offered as a Humanities To Go program. New Hampshire Humanities nurtures the joy of learning and inspires community engagement by bringing life-enhancing ideas from the humanities to the people of New Hampshire.

Of course Upper Valley people from both sides of the Connecticut River are welcomed at our celebration which is free and open to the public. (We all know that the River does not divide us – it unites us!)

We hope to see you and celebrate with you on May 31. We’re so grateful for your support and look forward to sharing news of our work over the past year and our vision going forward. Event details are here. See you soon!