The Stories That Connect Us

When friends and supporters of UVLT gather at Poverty Lane Orchard for our annual celebration on May 31, we will be joined by Rebecca Rule, a writer and storyteller who hosts Our Hometown on New Hampshire PBS.

A Suitable Habitat for Endangered Northern Long Eared Bats

Effective March 31, 2023, the Northern Long-Eared Bat (myotis-septentrionalis) will officially move from threatened (first designated in 2015) to endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Interior Forest is a Gift to Nature

The Mary Elizabeth Kincaid Woodland, donated to UVLT last month, is part of an unfragmented landscape with diverse topography that sustains native plants and animals.

Firewood Assistance in NH

Last month, UVLT took steps to duplicate the Woodshed’s program and bring similar firewood assistance opportunities to NH. Due to strict exterior firewood quarantine guidelines in the state, the UVLT team headed to Up on the Hill in Charlestown, NH, to begin harvesting trees for the new program, hoping to officially launch and deliver to recipients in Fall 2023 (once harvested wood has dried sufficiently).

Renewal of UVLT’s National Land Trust Accreditation: Comment Period Now Open

  On or before August 2nd, the UVLT will submit its…

A Celebration of Land Conservation

UVLT’s Annual Celebration of Land Conservation returned in early June to Hilltop conservation area in Plainfield, NH. The celebration included remarks by the family of Edith Taylor, and an award presentation for "Conservation Leadership."

Old is New, On the River

In October 1987, UVLT accepted its first conservation easement,…

Potato Planting at the Old Town Farm

The Old Town Farm field continues a 200-year legacy of producing…

Mud Season – To Hike or Not to Hike

Winter seems to be at an end and it isn’t quite spring yet…

Clearing the View at Lyme Pinnacle

Beginning today UVLT will be clearing the view at Lyme Pinnacle.…