Paradee Property is Conserved

Looking south to a lower plateau on the Paradee property that includes brook/river habitat

Linda Paradee

Prime agricultural land on the upper plateau of the Paradee property

On June 14, 2023, the Paradee property, located in Orford, NH, was graciously conserved by Linda Paradee who donated a conservation easement to UVLT. This parcel, situated on the banks of the Connecticut River has been in Linda’s family since the 1800s. Linda is a proud Morey family descendant, who first met with UVLT to discuss conserving her property more than 20 years ago.

The property consists of approximately 6 acres of flat tillable farmland on a plateau that sits above, and along, the Connecticut River, and 2 acres of floodplain and riverine wetland habitat at the confluence of the Connecticut River and an unnamed brook flowing from the southern ridge of Cottonstone Mountain. The protection of Connecticut River frontage is a very high priority of the Orford Conservation Commission.  There are approximately 1000 feet of frontage along the Connecticut River and another 800 (400+/- on each side) along the unnamed brook (banks on both sides of the brook are part of the property). The conservation easement protects prime agricultural soils and floodplain with critical riparian buffers on the river and a tributary stream. Linda continues to own, enjoy and steward this land that she loves.

*Please note there is no public access to the river or streams on the Paradee property