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April 15th
On Zoom
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Join UVLT for our third and final lunch time lecture!

 Using iNaturalist to Rediscover Lost Species

Presented by: Julia Pupko, Community Science Outreach Naturalist, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Julia Pupko from the Vermont Center for Ecostudies will introduce us to the iNaturalist app – an app that can help the user identify flora and fauna while out in the woods, no reference books required. She will cover its benefits for science, specifically through the contributions that volunteer naturalists add to it. She will go over basic ways to use iNaturalist – how to upload observations both on the browser version and on the mobile app, will show people how to search iNaturalist for different observations. Registration for this event is required. Please click here to register: tinyurl.com/2edxmkhn

Volunteer Monitor Training

April 21st
6:00 pm
On Zoom
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Looking for an excuse to get outside? Do you like to explore? Do you like hiking off-trail? Do you enjoy visiting beautiful places close to home? Join Land Steward Kaytee Currie-Huggard to become a part of our volunteer team of Land Stewards.

Volunteer “Land Stewards” help UVLT meet an important obligation. UVLT is required to make periodic visits to conservation lands to collect observations of the land’s condition and current uses. Land Stewards work with UVLT Stewardship staff to provide crucial assistance with fieldwork—from meeting landowners of permanently conserved land to hiking off-trail with map and compass or GPS to find property boundaries to recording any human-made or natural changes in land use. These monitoring visits are an essential part of the stewardship record for each easement, and they are a great opportunity to see lands and parts of towns that you may not typically visit!

The April 21st training for interested volunteers will occur as a Zoom session with general easement information, along with light instruction on navigational tools and understanding how to read the landscape. The second half of the training will occur on April 24th, rain or shine, and include venturing outside for hands-on field practice using a map and compass or GPS. Field site TBD depending on the location of sign-ups. Optional April 25th depending on group size. Registration for this event is required. Please click here to register.