Our goal: Helping communities protect landmarks and create more special places as they grow and change.

The Upper Valley Land Trust was created by the people of the Upper Valley to meet the land conservation needs of the Upper Valley. Since 1985 we’ve been driven by grassroots values and sustained by community vision. We belong to this region.

We know our land conservation work will not “preserve” the Upper Valley — and it shouldn’t! Change is inevitable. Our goal is to play a part in bringing about healthy, sustainable change that improves the lives of Upper Valley residents and supports the landscape we depend on. So, as our region grows, we are here to secure and celebrate our natural heritage and invest in open spaces that will serve as community touchstones long into the future. This means working with local groups to conserve the land around historic sites, cooperating to plan for a built environment that respects ecological integrity, and collaborating with developers to create meaningful, beautiful, accessible green places.

Our partners are numerous and diverse: town boards, social service and arts groups, schools, businesses, service clubs, recreational groups, regulatory agencies, historians and planners. Together we can create the conservation results that will serve our region far into the future.


River Park, West Lebanon. A six-acre open space parcel that protects Connecticut River shoreline and provides access to the river within walking distance of “old” West Lebanon will be conserved in conjunction with the development of a major office park.

*UVLT manages dozens of conservation projects. Some solutions arise quickly, but others evolve over years, as landowners think through all of the decisions involved in conserving a parcel. During that period, we honor the confidentiality of landowner information and relationships. Thus, the projects reported above are those that have received public funding or are associated with a public planning process and those where fundraising campaigns are underway.