Protected in North Pomfret

High in the hills of North Pomfret, VT it seems like all you can see for miles around you are the fields, forests, hills, and valleys that make up the rural backdrop of the Vermont landscape. Much of this land has been protected by conscientious land owners who wish to make sure that the character […]

Parker Meadow – Preserving Open Space and Rural Character in Downtown Norwich

In the heart of downtown Norwich is an open meadow nestled in between Main Street and Blood Brook, behind the Catholic Church. The land is owned by Robert Parker and has been in his family since 1924. His family owned a farm on Main Street and the meadow once provided hay and pasture for the […]

Permanently Protected: Forests, Fields, and a Spectacular View in Sharon

In 1982, a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) purchased 6 acres with a small camp and pond because it was adjacent to a good friend’s seasonal home.  Now more than 35 years later, that purchase has led to the conservation of 92 acres that she has come to know and love. Even after moving […]