A New Generation of American Chestnut Trees at Up on the Hill

When UVLT acquired the 990 acre Smith Pond Shaker Forest in late 2015 we knew that we were getting hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat, regenerating forests, shaker history, and a beautiful pond. We knew we were protecting an important place. What we didn’t know was that the property also harbored a fascinating secret – […]

Two Exciting End of Summer Events

We have two exciting events in store for the last week of August! On Tuesday August 27th at 5:30pm UVLT is holding an evening loon paddle at Smith Pond Shaker Forest. Smith Pond is a remote pond in Enfield, NH, that is usually closed off to boaters of any kind to protect its fragile ecosystem […]

Billy Brown’s Barns

When you visit the Quinttown region of Orford, you step back in time. Leaving 25A and driving south east on a narrow dirt road the houses become fewer and further between. The road follows Mousley Brook, and twists and turns alongside of it. The houses this far out are small camps with no electricity. If […]