UVLT’s Brookmead Conservation Area Provides Firewood Assistance

UVLT staff and volunteers have been sawing and splitting downed trees from the Brookmead Conservation Area forest into firewood. The trees had been taken down from near the trail and the cabin area earlier in the summer to reduce the risk of damage to the cabin by blow downs. UVLT Stewardship Director Jason Berard explained […]

One Year Later – Manning Farm Represents Community Fundraising Success

For 50 years, Roscoe and Ruth Manning owned their iconic family farm on Robinson Road. After their deaths, three of their children – Eric and Dennis Manning and Carol (Manning) Boles — took up stewardship of the farm. In recent years, the hayfields and pastures have fed the cattle of Rockbottom Farm providing milk for […]

Uplands and Lowlands get a big Thank You

Herb Ferris is a sculptor. He holds his land very close to his heart, so much so that he crafted one of his many sculptures as a “thank you” present to it. The structure he built is a Japanese Torii – a shinto structure that often marks the entrances to shrines, it symbolizes the transition […]

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