The Ride for Life

To me, the Prouty symbolizes Community here in the Upper Valley. Family, friends, acquaintances new and old, joining together in fun for a greater good…it doesn’t get much better than that! As riders click off the miles, they will undoubtedly think about their contribution to a better future, and hopefully a cure. I challenge riders to use their time in the seat to also consider more broadly, all the good that goes on here in the Upper Valley to benefit each of us, our children, and all those that follow.

In much the same way we are blessed to have leaders in cancer research among our flock, we also have other leaders among us… other people looking to the future. You may not recognize them…they wear Carhartts, drive tractors and skidders, wield saws and plows. They’re up early each day, come drenching rain or scorching sun, producing food for you and for me….AND, they have protected their land for generations to come!

To acknowledge the contribution that private landowners along the Prouty route have made to the betterment of our future, the Upper Valley Land Trust will place a sign on each piece of land that has been protected by a permanent conservation easement held by the Upper Valley Land Trust. These lands will forever be available to produce food and fiber for our needs, and for those that follow us.
Given the uncertainty of climate change, the need for sustainability and local food, I hope riders this weekend will give a wink or a nod to the landowners and members of the Upper Valley community who continue to provide the leadership necessary for these gifts that will keep on giving…for our future. Have a great ride…and enjoy the view!
Pete Helm, Stewardship Director
Upper Valley Land Trust
(603) 643-6626 x104