Rides through our Valley: Route #1 – “Cure for Mud Season”

May 1, 2013
Sara Cavin, UVLT Project Manager


Riding the roads of the Upper Valley is pretty special.  Every pedal stroke moves me along at a pace that is just about perfect for enjoying the views that abound.  Sometimes the pace is slower (plenty of hills to climb, after all!) other times fast (fortunately each hill climb has its own downhill descent!), sometimes the rides are social, other times personal, but each is time and energy well spent enjoying this place.

One amazing thing about where we live (and play) is the care that people put into the land – it is striking (just like the vistas that reward us at the summit of each climb!) and makes riding here all the better.   Through work with UVLT, I know that so many of the beautiful places that I pass by are going to be beautiful forever.  Why? Because they are properties that UVLT and the landowners have conserved through permanent agreements to ensure the landscape remains undeveloped, productive (so farmers can still farm, and trees can be harvested) and scenic for the benefit of us all!

Do you like to ride on roads and trails in the Upper Valley?  Does cycling get you to work?  Is it one of the ways you exercise and enjoy the outdoors?  If your answers are “Yes!” you might also enjoy knowing more about some of the places that you pass while out on the roads in our region.  This post begins a series called “UV Rides” that will highlight many of the conserved lands all around us.  I hope to include a good mix of routes – some short, some long, something for everyone!  Perhaps one will become your next favorite bike loop (or scenic drive)!

River Road


I hope you’ll come along for the ride…


Ride Name: “Cure for Mud Season”


Description: This is a great all-paved 30 mile loop ride with a couple nice hills to keep you warm in the spring temps!  Start/end in Hanover and ride through parts of Hanover, Lyme, Thetford, and Norwich.


Route, directions and elevation profile found here: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/188655480/


UVLT-conserved lands along this route:


Download detailed cue sheet noting conserved lands:



Now, dust off that saddle, get out, get those pedals moving, and let us know if YOU have a favorite route that you want to learn about from the viewpoint of land conservation!