Beaver Banter

People are a curious species, you know that?  I’m guessing you do, since you are a so-called human, yourself, but I must say that I have been watching some strange people who have been pulling out sticks that I have carefully laid and packed into places to stop water flowing out of my pond, and then they throw them up onto the tops of big piles of sticks nearby.  Hey people, they don’t do any good keeping water in the pond up there!  It really is, silly, you know?

I have also heard a rumor that there may be another creature on its way down to my pond sometime soon.  It might be made of metal, and be on treads instead of feet?  I have heard someone give it a name like excavator or escalator or something like that, which sounds somewhat suspicious to me!  I do remember the people talking about moving part of the big dirt dam, so I think that must be what they are up to.  Human nature really is odd…. They go through all the effort decades ago to build a big dirt dam, and now decide that they actually don’t want it anymore! Well, I have enjoyed using it instead, but I realize that people will do what they do, and even if I don’t completely understand their strange ways, I will happily go about my duties every day and work on my own dam instead, thank you very much.