Together UVLT and Orford Conservation Commission Conserve Frontage on Upper Baker Pond

The ‘Windfall’ property has been in the Bischoff family for more than 40 years and now a portion of it will be protected for years to come! The conserved land spans both sides of Upper Baker Pond Road in Orford, and comprises the northwestern shoreline of the Pond; in total, 15.87 acres are now protected with a conservation easement granted to UVLT. Brothers John and David donated the conservation easement in memory of their mother Elizabeth; the stunning view east from the property across Upper Baker Pond showcases this beautiful legacy in her honor.

Between the road and Upper Baker Pond is a narrow strip of land, 1.4± acres, which includes more than 1750’ of shoreline and has additional protections to restrict cutting trees to promote the healthy forest buffer that helps maintain water quality of the Pond.

Across the road from the pond, the property has open fields used by a nearby farm for pasturing their cattle. The pasture blends into the areas of forest which are managed as part of a tree farm along with the adjacent lands owned by the Bischoff family.

This property is located less than one mile from the Appalachian Trail Corridor; and Mount Cube is a striking feature highlighted in the view across the pond and protected land from the Town’s beach on Upper Baker Pond. More splendid views from land extend over Upper Baker Pond eastward to the White Mountain National Forest with Mt. Moosilauke easily visible on a clear day.

In the 2001 Orford Master Plan, Upper Baker Pond is considered an important and special place to the community and significant for conservation efforts. The conservation of the Bischoff‘s ‘Windfall’ property protects considerable frontage on Upper Baker Pond from future development and contributes scenic benefits to the public using the town beach and water access. The Orford Conservation Commission was highly supportive of this project and pledged funds to help UVLT cover its costs and the required Stewardship fund for the long-term protection of this property.