Generous Hearts Create a Conserved Forest

By Sara Cavin
Posted November 26, 2013
Lora Chatfield (right) and Nancy Jones hold a conserved land sign that will mark Helen's Haven.

Lora Chatfield (right) and Nancy Jones hold a conserved land sign that will mark Helen’s Haven.


On a chilly November morning, Lora Chatfield signed a conservation easement deed to grant protections that the Upper Valley Land Trust will oversee for her woodland in Bradford, VT.  The conservation of this 76 acre property will ensure the continuation of the careful stewardship that Lora has upheld since she became owner of the land after her mother’s passing.

Naming her conserved forest “Helen’s Haven,” Lora felt that her mother “would have been very pleased” to know that she had protected this land forever.  Eventually, Lora’s daughter may inherit the forest, and the family’s legacy of caring for the land will continue in partnership with UVLT.

Nancy Jones, chair of the Bradford Conservation Commission, joined Lora for the conservation easement signing.  The Commission raised $6,000 through gifts from generous individuals who gave in support of this conservation project.  These funds helped cover important UVLT costs including the stewardship fund for Helen’s Haven.

All of us at UVLT send sincere gratitude to Lora for her donation of a conservation easement, to the BCC for their partnership, and also for every individual who gives what they can to support land conservation.  As Nancy mentioned while the sun shown in the windows on all of us gathered for the closing, “that forest really is magical.” We wholeheartedly agree.