Brookmead Food Pantry Garden Tour

It’s mid- July and out at the Brookmead Food Pantry Garden that means that it’s mid-planting and harvesting season. We began this Food Pantry Garden Expansion Journey in early spring this year and we have been working away ever since. Recent heat and rain has really helped the garden (and the weeds) take off in the last few weeks! We are into harvesting our second crop (shell peas) after successfully harvesting 200 lbs of our first crop – radishes.

In the following video you’ll get a glimpse into our garden as Programs Director Alison gives a tour of the space, the plants, and the plans for the rest of the year. Finally, a huge “thank you” to all the volunteers who make this garden and the food that it is producing possible. We couldn’t have done any of this without their dedicated help. A further “thank you” goes out to all those who donated materials and funding to this project, including the Norwich Women’s Club for their generous contribution.

If you’d like to contact Alison to learn more about our Food Pantry Garden or sign up to volunteer please email her at