No Pain, No Gain: Hypertherm Puts a Hurtin’ on Invasive Species

Seven hearty souls from Hypertherm came back to UVLT’s “Gateway” property in Norwich to check out a new fitness craze sweeping though the Upper Valley! It’s called “Invasives cross-training” .

These volunteers spent 8 hours hiking up and down a steep hill (interval training) and plowing through shin deep mud (endurance training) to pull out and cut down non-native invasive trees and shrubs such as buckthorn, honeysuckle, and barberry (resistance training). Who needs a gym membership!?

If you’d like to learn more about the history of Hypertherm and UVLT teaming up for this project please click here and here.

To learn more about why these plants are bad, check out this recent post about invasive species removal.

If you’d like a free membership to the UVLT fitness program, contact us!