Elizabeth’s Brook Bears Her Name

The U.S. Geological Survey has named a Grant Brook tributary Elizabeth Brook, approving a request made by family and friends of Elizabeth Kilmarx. The stream originates at Holts Ledge in Lyme, flows north past Trapper John Shelter, and enters Grant Brook near Dorchester Road. UVLT strongly supported the designation. In 2020, Jeanie McIntyre wrote to describe how the proposed name fulfilled the USGS requirements which include a direct or long term association with the feature and/or a history of civic service:

“Elizabeth and her family maintained a property in Lyme and she enjoyed gardening, sugaring and winter activities in town long before she became a year-round resident in 2006. For 12 years after that she was engaged in virtually any community activity where more hands were needed. She was generous with her time and skills and genuine in her affection for the Town.

As a Lyme resident and in my role at the Upper Valley Land Trust, I am reminded of, and am grateful for, her contributions nearly every day. She made beautiful maps of the land; she took wonderful photos of birds and plants and wild places; she wrote thoughtful interpretive pieces to help others learn about and steward historic sites and conserved lands. Her thorough and careful research was accompanied by good humor and warmth that welcomed all to share her curiosity and sense of adventure. Naming this small waterway in recognition of her great service and her love of the earth is fitting.”

Elizabeth Brook, Lyme