Sunday Stroll Reflections: Delights of Bill Hill

A stormy Saturday evening gave way to sunny Sunday with perfect temperatures for hiking. Eight of us walked along the Ompompanoosuc by several swimming holes and by water falls with the remnants of long gone mills. We then wound through wild looking woods under rugged rock outcroppings on little used unmarked trails to find views of the surrounding hills here and there. After a stop to examine an old cellar hole we started back along an old road to the open fields below Bill Hill.

Bill Hill Trail signs

On the way up we met Sarah Nunan, the owner of the conserved land, with her daughter and her friend; the girls had a monarch butterfly caterpillar for a school project which they proudly showed us. After a few moments of conversation we continued to the top where we sat on the stone bench admiring the close country view and enjoying each others company.

I love hiking alone but I also love hiking with friends, new and old. There’s something special about sharing with others the beauty of the natural world. Join us some day. It will be good for both body and soul.

Roger Hanlon, Trustee & Sunday Stroll Leader




Observations by Sunday Stroll participant Beckey Hirschey


Some of the things we came across on our stroll were:

·               a pile of porcupine needles

·               “raining” (a few fell down as we walked under the tree) hickory nuts

·               a wild apple tree where we all got to eat an apple from it

·               a matted trail presumably from a bear

·               another matted trail from a smaller animal

Five Leaf Clover

A special find – one five leaf clover. Photo by Beckey Hirschey

·               local horseback riders

·               an orange spotted salamander

·               Noel Perrin plaque on Bill Hill

·               Valley Quest box

·               five leaf clover



UVLT and Roger Hanlon are creating an email list for these hikes, if you would like to be included in the list please contact Programs Coordinator, Anna Slack.