Trail Update: Stones Among the Frost

Wednesday November 7, 2012

The morning started with an early txt.  All it said was “brrrrr….”  I checked the thermometer.   21 degrees.  Brrrr indeed!  After a couple of txt messages…it was decided to forge ahead.  We had enough tools to chip ice if needed, and the ground wasn’t frozen solid…or so we hoped.

Cold trail workers.

Jason, Kevin, and I met at the appointed time; we grumbled and groused a bit about the weather and then got to work.  The main task for the day was to lay new stepping stones on the last on a soggy, muddy section of the Linny Levin Trail in anticipation of UVLT’s trail dedication ceremony on Saturday, November 17th at 1:00 pm.

We grabbed the rock bars. They were cold.Very cold.  We headed out to do a quick assessment of how many stones would be needed.  We had three good ones….but we needed four.  So many other things at UVLT’s Linny Levin Trail have just fallen into place while planning and creating this trail, it shouldn’t have surprised me that there, a mere 10 feet away, was the perfect stone.  Number 4.  My favorite number.

New trail stones.

So with bars, shovels, loppers, wheelbarrow, and mattock, we went to work in the mud. In no time we had set the stone, repacked the trail, sprinkled some leaves for good measure, and you may never know about the work that took place.  However, I am sure that if you walk the trail at some point soon, you will feel the presence of Linny Levin, hear the joy (and silence) of the classes of children, and understand the reason we all treasure and value Zebedee Wetlands.

Join us on November 17th…..and explore again on your own!


Pete Helm, VP of Stewardship