Finding Smith Pond


PondwithicefilmIf you would like to visit Smith Pond Shaker Forest, you can find access via Smith Pond Road from exit 15 on Interstate 89. Go up the hill a ways until you find a (signed) public parking area on the left. The blazed trail leaves from the parking lot. Walk about a half mile through the woods to a road, go up the road (right) until you come to a log landing where you will find signs to the Smith Pond Trail (on your left) and signs for Half Mile Pond (to the right).

Please remember that portions of the trail pass through inholdings owned by others — stay on the blazed trail and do not walk to the pond on the private road. Do not park at the gate or block the road. When you reach the opening by the pond, turn left and walk along an access road used to rebuild the multiple dams that impound the pond in 2009. There is a short blazed trail down to the waterfalls from just beyond the first dam. The whole round trip will take between 1 and 2 hours depending on how quickly you walk and how long you stand on the dams to admire the pond!