Take Care of Spring Trails!

April 2013
Wheelock Trail during mud season.
While sugar makers rely on the below-freezing nights, and the well-above-freezing days, many of you who drive (or bike!) dirt roads in our region are likely cursing the frozen ruts and soggy mires that we find out there at this time of year.

Hiking trails, especially ones prone to erosion and those in reliably wet areas, become similarly unstable during Mud Season and can take quite a beating from recreational use!  To keep trails in good shape, and to save our dedicated trail stewards from a lot of extra work doing repairs, please consider finding alternative places to get out and play while conditions are soggy.

By using common sense, sharing information about what we find out on the ground and replacing that trail hike or bike ride with a run or ride on the road this time of year, we will all enjoy better conditions once things dry out and green up!

UVLT staff and trail volunteers thank you for your help!

Want to contribute to trail stewardship? A lot of work goes into keeping trails beautiful, safe, and fun for everyone. You can support this work by donating to UVLT, or volunteer on a trail workday or become a volunteer trail steward – contact Jason Berard for more information about UVLT trails and volunteering: jason.berard@uvlt.org