Hanchetts Brook and Wetlands Conserved

Over 100 acres including stream frontage, meander wetlands and mature upland forest have been conserved in Plainfield. Near the height of land on Governor’s Hill, the land includes an outstanding example of a red oak-ironwood-Pennsylvania sedge woodland for this part of the state. The property lies adjacent to the 447 acre property conserved by UVLT in 2010 known as “Plainfield Cider Orchard.” The newly acquired conservation easement protects nearly 1/3 of a mile of Hanchetts Brook and provides buffer to wetland and stream resources. The land will be owned and managed with the Plainfield Cider Orchard parcel.

UVLT obtained funding to purchase the conservation easement through grants from the Plainfield Conservation Commission and the NH Dept of Environmental Services’ Aquatic Resources Mitigation Program. The NH program uses developer’s fees from wetlands dredging, filling and alterations to purchase compensatory  land and easements that protect  high quality wetland and associated upland resources.