New Video Features Hartland’s Richardson Farm

Four students in Dartmouth’s ENVS 7 embraced community-based learning as they created a film about the conservation of the Richardson Farm in Hartland. The Ecopsychology class is a first-year seminar that looks at human psychology as a variable in environmental issues. The course syllabus describes: “Ecopsychology posits a fundamental connection between the human psyche and the more-than-human world, and examines both the role our psyche plays in affecting the health of the planet, and the effect the degradation of natural world has in return on our psyche.”

The final assignment is a group video project in collaboration with a local community organization. The goal is to explore the ecopsychological components and/or effects of the work the organization does. UVLT’s Peg Merrens worked with the students as they learned about this conservation story.


Richardson_May2013 089

Richardson Cows. Click the image to view the video story.