A Campaign for Hogwash Land

UVLT has launched a campaign to conserve land that suppports Nancy LaRowe’s Hogwash Farm, one of eight farms operating in Norwich. For years, Nancy’s livestock operation has relied on rented land — grass pasture and hayland — to sustainably produce food for local markets.

This fall, we have the opportunity to help Nancy buy and conserve a parcel that she has been leasing for the past decade – 60 acres formerly owned by Peggy Sullivan. More than half of this acreage is prime agricultural soil. A conservation easement will guarantee that the land remains productive and useful for agriculture in the future and will help ensure that farming continues to be possible in Norwich. UVLT has raised more than $225,000 in state and federal grants to pay for the conservation easement, and the Town of Norwich has committed $30,000 from the Conservation Fund. The Conservation Commission has unanimously affirmed the importance of this working agricultural land.

We need to raise just $10,000 more to complete the transaction. Read more about the campaign for Hogwash Farm here. You can support the campaign by making an online gift designated for “Hogwash Farm.”