Land Management at Up on the Hill

Things are happening at Up on the Hill! UVLT’s newest conservation area will be experiencing a period of forest management and logging for the next 6-8 weeks. Logging began September 4th in the central section of the 1100 acre property. Trails in this area of the property are closed to use until the logging is complete.

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The property was donated to UVLT by Harvey and Christina Hill in December of 2016. Up on the Hill stretches from Morningside Lane in Charlestown to Sawyers Brook in Unity, with the more northeasterly portion of the property located in southwest Claremont. It is mainly forested, with a several open meadows and agricultural land that is leased to a farmer growing corn and hay. There is also a large wetland, streams, and vernal pools scattered throughout the property.

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The Hill’s donation comes with a legacy of thoughtful forest stewardship and management. The property is a certified Tree Farm, and has been deftly and lovingly managed for years by Harvey and Christina. The Hill’s continue to be heavily involved in the management and stewardship of the property. As our licensed property managers, they make sure that the forest management of Up on the Hill promotes sustainable harvest of high quality timber. The forest management plan for the property was drafted in consultation with Harvey and Christina by Bay State Forestry.

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The healthy and well managed forest that the Hills have given to us needs no repair or time to regenerate. Our goals for this forest are twofold – It has been so well cared for that it will provide UVLT with sustainable income from timber harvests, which will be used for the continued stewardship and maintenance of the property. We also intend to carry on the Hill’s stewardship legacy by using the forests to demonstrate sustainable timber management and silviculture through workshops and programming.

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Up on the Hill has a diverse habitat and nearly half of the property has been ranked as highest quality habitat in the State or region by the NH Wildlife Action Plan. Along with continuing the agricultural and forest management, UVLT is managing the property for recreation and educational use. This summer, UVLT staff were out blazing a network of trails and putting up signs and a kiosk to welcome visitors to the property. A robust calendar of outdoor events is being planned for the property in the coming year.

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