Remembering Harvey Hill

In memoriam of Harvey Hill (October 22, 1935 – May 26, 2022)

Harvey Hill was small in physical stature but huge in spirit. He lived most of his life in Sullivan County, where he touched almost every aspect of community life. He was a community leader, advocate, problem-solver and good neighbor. He loved the natural world and stewarded his land faithfully. He was a gardener, an entrepreneur, a public servant, a person of practical know-how who invested in good ideas. Harvey could do anything he put his mind to! The list of his contributions and associations is long and doesn’t begin to capture his generous works.

Harvey and his wife Chris and son Scott created UVLT’s largest Conservation Area when they donated 1100-acre Up On the Hill to UVLT in 2016. This land, which stretches from Morningside Lane in Charlestown to Sawyers Brook in Unity, and includes acreage located in southwest Claremont, has farm fields, streams, and wetlands, and forest stands actively managed for timber production. It was Harvey’s goal that this land would remain unfragmented and productive, that UVLT would continue sustainable timber harvests and engage and educate the public about forest stewardship. Harvey Hill

The best way we can honor Harvey’s life is to strive to be more like him. According to family, Harvey’s motto was “If you are not a recipient of charity, then you should be a contributor.” The fact is that we are all recipients of the good deeds of others, and there is something (more) each of us can give as well. Come for a walk at Up On the Hill, one of Harvey’s many legacies for the community he loved.