Creating the Tunis District Conservation Area

Wetlands complex inside the Tunis District Conservation Area

East of Moose Mountain, in Hanover, lies an extraordinarily rich complex of land resources including an important watershed that feeds the Mascoma River and the edge of an unfragmented forest block that extends into Lyme and Canaan to encompass 25,000 acres. When you look out across Goose Pond toward Moose Mountain you can see a low lying ridge forming the scenic backdrop – this is the location of UVLT’s Tunis District Conservation Area.

Recently, UVLT President Jeanie McIntyre spoke at the Goose Pond Lake Association’s annual meeting to describe the conservation initiative currently underway there. In January 2019, UVLT purchased 201 acres from Tunis Timber, LLC, completing the first piece of a two phase project involving nearly 540 acres between Moose Mountain and Goose Pond. The land purchased in January includes more than 5 acres of amphibian-abundant wetlands, two miles of perennial streams, including Scales Brook, a headwater stream to the Mascoma River, and habitat used by bear and moose. It lies adjacent to the Appalachian Trail Corridor and hikers on the trail enjoy views of the property from the South Peak of Moose Mountain. 

Wood frog egg masses found at the wetland complex

UVLT is now working to acquire another 352 acres in the second phase of the project, to be completed this summer. UVLT has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the New Hampshire Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund. To earn the state grant, we must raise $30,000 of matching donations by August 31st. The time has come for local individuals to contribute and you can help! 

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