It’s Turtle Time!

June is the time of year in the Upper Valley when female turtles begin to move from the water looking for sunny and sandy spots to dig a hole, lay their eggs, and then return to their water source. This journey often takes them through a dangerous, life-risking gambit – crossing the road. You have probably noticed that in early summer one of the most prevalent pieces of road kill on a busy road is likely to be a smashed turtles. The best way to prevent turtle death is to be vigilant. UVLT interviewed Wildlife Rehabilitator Catherine Greenleaf for all the information you need to prevent turtle death this summer.

Catherine started volunteering with the Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys in 2002. While there she learned to rehabilitate injured sea turtles. After several years she moved to New Hampshire and started rehabilitating wild birds in Lyme. Currently she is the Director of the St. Francis Wild Bird Center where she works both to rehabilitate wild birds and native wild turtles.

Read her 2019 interview with Programs Director Alison here.