Two Newport Properties Protected

At the northern end of Newport, just along the border with Croyden, sit two pieces of land, owned by husband and wife Alan and Sally Carruth and Alans sisters, Joan and Phyllis Carruth. These two pieces of land are key areas of wildlife habitat and watershed into the Sugar River. As you travel down Camels Hump Road the land begins flat and then rises steeply to the east, becoming more forested and stretching to the top of the ridge creating a scenic hillside of undisturbed forest. These two properties are now both conserved with the Upper Valley Land Trust.

Alan and Sally Carruth and Joan and Phyllis Carruth purchased the Newport land in 2003 and subdivided it into two. The 20 acres of Carruth North are owned by Alan and Sally, the other 80 acres of Carruth South are owned by Joan and Phyllis. The house on the Carruth South property was built using lumber harvested from the acres of forested land on the property, a testament to the years of active forest management that have taken place there. The Carruth family has wanted to protect this land since they purchased it and now they have made their protection of the forested land permanent with a conservation easement.

Both properties are primarily forested, with significant water resources that ultimately flow into the watershed of the sugar river. Protection of this property will work to preserve open space and productive forestland for the future, as well as protect habitat and water quality of ground and surface water.

Transaction funding for the project was provided by the Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership, a public/private effort to protect the Monadnock Highlands of western New Hampshire and north central Massachusetts. To learn more, visit

Alan and Sally at the closing of their conservation easement project.