2012 Garlic Mustard Pulling Party at UVLT!

Dear Friends,

Please consider joining UVLT staff and others for our spring garlic mustard
pulling party, this coming Monday May 7, 2012 behind the Land Trust offices
on Buck Road in Hanover.  Details are below, so please forward on to others
who might be interested – these gatherings have been fun and rewarding in
the past (https://uvlt.org/2011/05/garlic-mustard-pulling-party-a-success/ ), so
come on out!

Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard. Photo courtesy plants.usda.gov

WHAT: Garlic Mustard pulling Party!

WHEN: Monday May 7, 2012  –  4:00- 6:00pm (please come for any or all of
that time – Refreshments will be provided)

WHERE: UVLT property at 19 Buck Road, Hanover NH – the garlic mustard patch
we will be working on is mixed into forests out behind the office building
toward the Wheelock Trail and Mink Brook.

WHO: You!  (And as many recruits as you can find to join us)  Last year we
had a great time, and the positive impact of that work is definitely
noticeable – help us keep the momentum!

WHY: Learn to identify garlic mustard (GM), a non-native plant which quickly
establishes large patches that take over forest floors and displace native
species and reduces the diversity in the natural communities that we all
enjoy in the Upper Valley.  Garlic mustard is distasteful to native
herbivores so it has additional advantages over native plants, and studies
have shown that it produces chemicals that can kill certain beneficial soil
fungi that trees rely on for effective growth making this plant harmful to
the forest product economy as well.  This particular invasive plant is still
in fairly isolated spots in our area, so active management can and will make
a difference.

Here in the Buck Road neighborhood, adjacent to the Mink Brook Nature
Preserve, there has been positive change to reduce the garlic mustard patch
following the good work of volunteers in the past years!  While we have
noticed a number of first-year plants sprouting already from seeds set two
years ago, these will be a lower priority since they are much less likely to
go to seed this season (and we will be able to treat them later in the
summer/fall).  The plants we want to be sure to  pull this spring are the
second-year plants, since these will be producing large batches of seeds
early in the summer if we don’t get them out now!  Let’s continue to make a
difference here with a great gathering of helpers on the 7th!

A few other details:  Plan to be outside, bring a water bottle if you’d
like, but we will also provide refreshments for volunteers.  Garlic mustard
is pretty straightforward to hand-pull, so you can bring gloves if you’d
like, but if you don’t mind a little dirt they aren’t really necessary.
Please note: it is tick season, so take necessary precautions with long
sleeves, pants, and repellent and check yourself carefully.

Hope to see you Monday, and Thanks!

PS: Spring GM greens actually make an excellent pesto (UVLT can provide a
recipe to anyone who is interested), that way, when you’re out and about in
other locations and notice this pesky plant, you can pull out the new growth
and create a tasty reward for your efforts!)