Rides through our Valley: Route #2 – “Dogford Loop Lunch Hour”

May 9, 2013
Sara Cavin, UVLT Project Manager


Some days are easier than others, but I find it is pretty important to make time and turn away from the books (or screen), or step out of the office, and breathe deeply, and get away a bit – certainly a good way to recharge for the rest of the day’s work.

Every so often, the only time to take the much-needed walk or ride is during lunchtime.  That hour (~ish) in the middle of the day can be enough of a break for me to ride this loop on my bike and return refreshed and ready for more conservation work all afternoon.  What if I don’t have my bike?  Well, here in Hanover, we’re fortunate that the Wheelock Trail is just a few steps away for a great walk along Mink Brook…

If you like to ride and you work or study in Hanover or Lebanon, this bike loop might just be the ticket for you too.  Check out this lunch hour ride from Buck Road – it’s easy to modify from your own doorstep!


UV Rides 'To Go' Lunch



Ride Name: “Dogford Loop Lunch Hour”


Description: 15+/- mile paved road ride from UVLT offices (Buck Rd, Hanover, NH) out and around Dogford Road and returning to Buck Rd – often in a 60 minute window!


Route, directions and elevation profile found here: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/188946926/


UVLT-conserved lands along this route:


Download detailed cue sheet noting conserved lands:




Do you have your own favorite lunchtime outdoor activity?  Let me know, or maybe I’ll see you out on the road some day…