Rides through our Valley: Route #4 – Prouty 20-Mile Route 2013

June 24, 2013
Sara Cavin, UVLT Project Manager


This year, riders in the Prouty have an option for a 20-mile ride with nice wide paved shoulders the whole way from the start in Hanover, out to Lyme village, and back.  A number of conserved lands front on Route 10 and UVLT will mark the locations for the event as we have in past years – keep an eye out for the “Conservation Easement Land” signs and green ribbons waving to thank the riders for their efforts in this important fundraiser!

No matter which distance you plan to ride this year, take this time to warm-up with the 20-mile route.  Enjoy the conserved lands along the way, and think about the meaning of the event, as we all here often do, while relishing in the landscape that makes for so many great Prouty rides.

I will be back in time for the event, after a bit of a break, and look forward to carrying on with the causes that hold deep significance to so many. 


Ride Name: “Prouty 20-Mile Route 2013”


Description: 20+/- mile paved road ride developed for the Prouty 2013. Start in Hanover, turn around at the town green in Lyme, and return.


Route, directions and elevation profile found here:



UVLT-conserved lands along this route: