Summer Stargazing with UVLT and Horizons Observatory

August 1 – 9, Date TBD by weather
8:30pm – 11pm

Come explore the night sky with us on this beautiful tucked-away farm!  Wild Apple Farm is a 560-acre property located on Wild Apple Road in Pomfret, VT.  It is a unique site for stargazing due to its largely unobstructed horizon and lack of light pollution – almost zero!   

The highlights of the night sky we’re hoping to view will be: the Hercules star cluster, the Ring Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, and Alberio (a lovely blue and yellow binary star system pictured below), and the Lagoon/Trifed stellar nurseries.  There is a possibility we may catch Saturn – the absolute jewel of the sky – before it sets below the horizon.

The timing of this event will be weather dependent.  Our friends at Horizons Observatory will be monitoring the forecast and will make a decision on the date a few days in advance.  UVLT will note the decision on our web page.  To receive notice directly from the Observatory you can sign up for their email list.

Please arrive by 8:30pm in order to avoid headlights in the viewing area.

Sturdy footwear, layers, flashlights, and a sense of adventure are recommended!

Please RSVP for detailed directions and site information.  The journey to the observation point is not obvious and slightly adventurous so it is best if we know you are coming!  Contact Anna Slack at: or 603-643-6626 x102 to register.

How to sign up for the Horizons Observatory eNewsletter:

1.    Navigate to the Horizons Observatory web site (

2.    Click on “Blog”.

3.    Type in your email address.

4.    Click on “Submit”.

This event is hosted by Wild Apple Farm (a UVLT conserved property) and led by Horizons Observatory Co-Directors Rob Hanson and Scott Holson.

Alberio Binary Star System  Photo taken by Rachel Allen

Alberio Binary Star System. Photo taken by Rachel Allen at The Horizons Observatory.