Conservation of Scenic Hillside Expands on Pomfret Success


img_4073Bob and Dorsey Naylor have conserved 20 acres of hillside pasture in Pomfret’s historic Hewitt’s Corner, situated northwest from an agricultural landmark conserved in 2015. The land is a scenic backdrop to Chase Field. It is highly visible from and along Pomfret Road and Hewitt Hill Road, rising to a height of about 1300 feet.

The Naylors lived in Pomfret from 1973 and 1995 and raised their children there. The family enjoyed skiing and sledding on the hill in the winter, and kept a flock of sheep and a big garden. They were pleased by the success of the local campaign to protect Chase Field and chose to conserve their land in appreciation of the community that has meant so much to them. The Naylors plan to sell the protected property to neighbors Barbara and Miller Hewitt who will continue to use the fields for pasture for their small herd of cows.

The conservation of the Naylor land is consistent with the Town of Pomfret’s Zoning Ordinance which states that the “preservation and conservation of Pomfret’s ridges and hillsides are essential to maintain Pomfret’s rural and pastoral character and personality and are vital for the current and future well-being of the town’s permanent and part-time residents”.  Bob Naylor was an early advocate for the conservation of Pomfret’s scenic ridgelines many years ago and helped to establish the ordinances that exist today.

The Naylor property is the 14th that UVLT has conserved in Pomfret.