Protected in North Pomfret

High in the hills of North Pomfret, VT it seems like all you can see for miles around you are the fields, forests, hills, and valleys that make up the rural backdrop of the Vermont landscape. Much of this land has been protected by conscientious land owners who wish to make sure that the character of their town is preserved forever and that habitat and biological diversity are protected. Today, two of those land owners have conserved yet another piece of land, closing a gap between their two properties and further ensuring that the scenic and habitat values of this area will be protected forever.

Chris and Jocelyn Randles and Doug and Suki Azar recently purchased a 32 acre parcel located between their two already conserved properties, near Old Kings Highway and Stage Road. They split the property between them and have worked with UVLT to conserve the land. The Azars created a new conservation property of 12 acres, and the Randles added 17 acres to their already existing conservation easement of 43 acres.

Forest land on the Azar parcel

The newly protected 29 acres of forest closes one of the gaps between conserved parcels in this area and brings the total number of UVLT conserved acres in Pomfret to 1,604. On December 16th, the Azars signed their conservation easement, protecting 12 acres of their 15 acre parcel and on December 20th, the Randles signed their easement protecting 17 more acres.

Part of the forested area of the Randles added land.

Thank you to Doug and Suki Azar, Chris and Jocelyn Randles and all the landowners in Pomfret that have worked hard to protect such a special place.