Hypertherm at the Norwich Woodshed

Back in October employees from Hypertherm participated in a Corporate Service Day with UVLT. The volunteer day was at the Norwich Woodshed, where the group of Hypertherm volunteers bucked, split, and stacked 10 cords of firewood. Seven of those ten cords were donated from the Robert Areson Conservation Area near Burton Woods Road in Norwich. The trees were cut during logging that happened on the property last winter and the wood was donated by UVLT with the help of the loggers.

Those ten cords of wood were donated to the Norwich Wood Fuel Assistance Program, which is a program that provides firewood to needy residents in Norwich and other Upper Valley Communities to heat their homes.

UVLT Outreach and Donor Programs Coordinator Paul Blazevich said of this event, “WOW, what a special group. Thank you for coming out to volunteer again. There will be many families kept warm this winter because of the work that you all did on Friday. Your impact will be felt throughout the entire winter. TEN CORDS! IN HALF A DAY! The Firewood Assistance Program managers could not believe it, and neither could we. Just remember, Hypertherm CST workdays make a world of difference on our conserved properties and to the members of our Upper Valley community. Especially when working on projects like this.”