Clearing the View at Lyme Pinnacle

Beginning today UVLT will be clearing the view at Lyme Pinnacle. In the past we have maintained the cleared view using a contractor with a chainsaw or groups of volunteers with hand tools. However, over the years we have found that we cannot effectively keep the view maintained using these strategies to the standard that we want.

This year UVLT has engaged a contractor who will use a forestry mulcher to clear the area around the old apple orchard. Once the forestry mulcher has been used to cut back the area it can be maintained with a brush hog moving forward. The habitat will remain brushy and brambly, offering a different habitat to the fields.  All of the apple trees and the larger oak trees will be left. We expect that this method of maintaining the view will be a long term, more easily maintained solution.

The equipment to do the work is currently on site. The work will begin today and will go on for 2-3 days until completed. Watch the Lyme Listserv for updates on timing and progress. While this work is being done, access to the top of pinnacle will be restricted. For your safety, please respect any trail closure signs you see and look forward to visiting again once the views have been reestablished.